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True Amateur Tournaments started a new venture in Video Game Tournaments.  Our founder has been a competitive gamer for over 20 years.

With Las Vegas shut down and unable to run large events, we have started a Call of Duty Warzone series for Amateur Gamers with BIG MONEY!!!

Most of out events have a $25 entry fee with $5,000+ 1st Place prize and over $20,000 Prize Fund.  Check  out our tournament schedule below with more tournaments and sponsors being added every week so stay tuned!

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$20K Warzone Tournament - September 12th 2PM PST

$20K Warzone Tournament - September 26th 2PM PST

$20K Warzone Tournament - October 10th 2PM PST

$20K Warzone Duos Kill Race- October 24th 2PM PST

$50K Warzone Tournament - TBD

$100K Warzone Mega Bracket- TBD

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