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From Left to Right: Gary Hulsenberg (Storm Rep),

Greg Walters (Storm Champion), & Jamie McWilliams(TAT Director)

Ladies Only Champion

Angie Mitchell for $1,000

1st Place     Angie Mitchell                $1.000

2nd Place    Jenifer Nelson                $500

3rd Place     Ann McGee                      $250

4th Place    Mackenzie Mosness      $175

2015 Senior Event Champion

John Hough for $5,000



The 2015 TAT Summer Classic Results

June 29th- July 4th, 2015

Held at The Orleans in Las Vegas, NV



2015 Summer Classic Champion Jon Rakoski for $20,000!


Left to Right: Darryl Smith, Gary Hulsenburg, Armando Martinez, Russ Oviatt, Jon Rakoski, Jon Kroll, Cliff Connors, & Jamie McWilliams

Jon Rakoski

Jon Kroll

Russ Oviatt

Cliff Connors

Armando Martinez






36-54 Age Division

215 & Under Handicap

35 & Under Age Division

55 & Over Division

189 & Under Handicap

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