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The TAT is an Amateurs only bowling tournament with strict eligibility, which means there are no PBA members or 2 time $10,000 winners from the past 3 years. All of our bowlers are TRUE AMATEURS and past TAT $10,000 winners are not eligible for 2 tournaments.


The TAT is a 5 day qualifying event which has 8 different tournaments that run simultaneously throughout the week. Bowlers pick a package that comes with multiple entries into these tournaments, the most important being qualifying squads. Qualifying squads are 3 game sets where bowlers try to make our main TAT finals in their division. We also have lots of Brackets and several sidepots each squad.


We have 6 divisions including 3 age divisions, 2 handicap divisions and a division for returning bowlers that did not make the TAT finals last two times they bowled. To simplify it, 1 in 8 bowlers make our finals in each division and is guaranteed a minimum of $500 with more money getting added every round a bowler advances until we have our Top 5.  Daily Division Leaders get a $250 bonus!


Every TAT participant can receive at least 1 new Storm or Roto Grip High Performance bowling ball with their first entry along with free squads, free casino money, and a free qualifying entry into the Storm or Roto Grip Challenge. Almost 1 out of 3 bowlers made our finals last February. If you enter early, you can also receive free squads but walk-ins are always welcomed at the tournament.


For these reasons the TAT is known as the "Value" megabuck tournament because you get so much for your money. If you have any questions please call us at 1-844-321-8100 or e-mail us at

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The 2023 TAT Nationals

February 4th-12th, 2023

South Point Las Vegas, NV

Estimated $400,000 in cash & prizes

Check out our the Brochure or Enter Online

TAT Group Captain's get

discounts or bowl for free!

Group Captains get $420 Entry!


TAT groups must consist of at least 4 new bowlers

that have never bowled the TAT or havent bowled

in the TAT since 2015.  TAT Groups can also

contain returning TAT bowlers.


TAT groups receive discounts on entry fee packages, re-entries, as well as the Storm Challenge.  Groups will also receive all early entry benfits including a TAT large towel, Double tote bag, and a free chance squad.


TAT groups must be registered at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the event to receive discounts but more bowlers can be added to your group at anytime. 


So Become a TAT Group Captain and save

money for you and your friends!

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