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TAT Eligibility

The TAT is for AMATEUR bowlers only.  We realize that many "Amateur" bowlers make a living bowling and we do not want those bowlers at the TAT. 

We want average league bowlers that know that have a legitimate shot at winning $20,000 because Anyone Can Win the TAT. 


We update our rules after each tournament so that we can keep our field as Amateur as possible. 


For full TAT Strict Eligibility Rules please view the brochure

2.  Eligibility - TATAC is open to male or female bowlers who:

(Rules b, c, f, g, h, j, and k do not apply to bowlers 60 years of age and over)

a) Not paying for any membership into the PBA or PWBA since and including 2018, or PBA24 membership since 2019. 

b) Have not appeared on a nationally televised PBA finals since and including 2009

c) Have never had PBA Tour 1 status or have never had Exempt Status since 2009

d) Have never won a PBA, PWBA or LPBT National Tour title or a PBA National Senior Tour title which includes the U.S. Open, U.S. Senior Open, USBC Masters and USBC Senior Masters both men and women’s events.

e) Was not a National Team Member since 2011 or Junior National Team since 2016. 

f) Have not won two $10,000 scratch prizes or one $10,000 scratch prize in a  tournament that allows PBA National Champions since 2014.

g) Have not won two $20,000 scratch prizes

h) Have not won any USBC Eagle in the Regular Division from 2010 forward.  Classified or Standard Eagle Recipients may bowl but not in the 189 & Under Division. i) Have not won a PBA singles Regional since 2018 or Non Champions since 2019.

j) Have not cashed twice in 2 PBA singles regionals in the last 12 months from the  tournament start date as a member or a guest and have not previously bowled the TAT.  Senior’s Womens and Doubles do not apply

k)  $20,000 Scratch Division winners in Las Vegas TAT must sit out for 1 year.

l) If $10,000 was won in the 215 Division, the bowler must bowl in their age division.  Any 189 division bowler that reaches the TAT top 5 must bowl in the 215 or age  division in their next two TAT tournaments. 

m) Eligibility and division will be determined based on international & U.S. record  for players residing outside of the U.S.  

n) Any person who was an employee of Orleans Bowling Center (Las Vegas) since January 1, 2020 is not eligible.


Participants must sign an eligibility affidavit on page 6. If the bowlers is later deemed  ineligible, he must forfeit/repay any prize money won or sit out corresponding events. There shall be no liability on the part of the TAT An to any entrant TATAC Managers have the right to refuse, re-rate or re-classify any entrant at their discretion before, during, or after  the tournament.

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