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The 2017 Scratch ONLY Event Champion

  Quentin Collins For $3,000!

Left to Right:  Chris Schlemer (Roto Grip), Nick Devlin,

Quentin Collins, and Jamie McWilliams (TAT Director)

January 31th, 2017

Scratch Tournament FINALS

Round 1

Devlin, Nick Def Ziegler, Justin    248-234

Spencer, Craig Def Gagon, Kevin 245-222

Rosales, Raul Def  Elliott, Aaron  226-178

Collins, Quentin Def Wilson, Ari   257-189

Round 2

Collins, Quentin Def Rosales, Raul   224-194

Devlin, Nick Def Spencer, Craig        224-206


Scratch Championship Match     

Collins, Quentin Def Devlin, Nick       244-227

P R I Z E S:         

1st Collins, Quentin              $3,000

2nd Devlin, Nick                     $1,500

3rd & 4th Rosales, Raul       $750

3rd & 4th Spencer, Craig     $750

5th thru 8thZiegler, Justin $400

5th thru 8thGagon, Kevin   $400

5th thru 8thElliott, Aaron   $400

5th thru 8thWilson, Ari        $400

9thMartin, Kyndall                 $150

10thKellar, Daniel                  $125



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