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2018 TAT Mid-West Championships

TAT Mid-West Champion

Tony Miller $5,000

John Aber $3,000

Vince DeFranco $1,500


3rd Rd Finalists $750

2nd Rd Finalists $450

1st Rd Finalists $300

Total Payout $21,870

Friday Sweeper Standings

Saturday 1st Cut Qualifying Standings

Saturday 2nd Cut Qualifying Standings

Sunday Qualifying Standings

Mid-West Championship Finals Results



True Amateur Tournaments Prizes
 Las Vegas TAT Entry
2 Storm Backpacks
2 Storm Bowling Balls
10 Storm 2 Ball Totes
2 Storm 3 Ball Roller Bags
12 Storm Shirts
2 Storm Cleaning Kit
4 Logo Infusion custom Storm Jersey
Over $300,000 in Cash & Prizes
Room Nights in Vegas for only $40
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