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The 2014 TAT Summer Classic Champion

Norm Palomares For $20,000!

From Right to Left: Jamie McWilliams (TAT Tournament Director), Norm Palomares, and Tim Mack (Storm Representative)


1st Place Norm Palomares (Senior Division) $20,000

2nd Place Steve Novak (35 & Under) $10,000

3rd Place Johann Nietsch (215 & Under) $7500

4th Place Martin Bedford (35-54 Age Division) $6000

5th Place Emilion Rubio (189 & Under Division) $5000

All TAT Finalists made $500 for making the first Round of the Main Finals

Bowlers that advanced by winning one game received and extra $200.

Bowlers that advanced by winning two games received and extra $500

Division Daily leaders received a $250 bonus.

The 2014 Storm Challenge Champion

Allan Rice For $5,000!

 From Left to Right: Tim Mack (Storm Rep), Monyalo Webster, Greg Neuer, Allan Rice, and Jamie McWilliams (TAT Director)

1st        Allan Rice II                      $5,000

2nd       Monyalo Webster            $1000

3rd        Greg Neuer                      $1000

4th        Russ Oviatt                      $400

4th        John Kroll                        $400

6th        Brian Dennis                   $250

7th        Jorge Bernal                    $225

7th        Justin Gibbons               $225

9th        Willie King                       $200

10th      George Martinez            $180

11th      Mark Mazzula                 $170

11th      Dominic Corirossi           $170

11th      Kevin Gagnon                 $170

14th      Glen Umphreys               $150

14th      Mike Foster                     $150

14th      Chris Marquez                $150

17th      Lance Lopez                   $125

17th      Curtis Messer                 $125

17th      Servando Maldanado    $125

20th      Ed Roberts                      $75

20th      Dwight Burns                 $75

20th      Chase Nadeau                $75

20th      Bryson Rogers                $75

20th      Louie Manzella               $75

20th      Lee Schmeglar                $75




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