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The 2013 TAT Amateur Nationals Winner

Widmar Willie Vargas for $20,000!




From Left to Right: Marvin Hale, Darryl Smith, Demosthenes Quintana, Chris Schlemer (Storm Rep), Widmar Vargas (Nationals Champion), Brian Rogers Daniel Inocencio, and Jamie McWilliams (TAT Manager).

Questions?  Call us Toll Free anytime!  1-800-257-6179

The 2013 TAT Summer Classic

June 30th – July 6th, 2013


The 2013 TAT Summer Classic Champion Dave Guindon for $20,000

The 2014 TAT Amateur Nationals

February 3rd – 8th, 2014

Is Being Held At The Orleans in Las Vegas


From left to right: Chris Schlemer (Roto Grip Rep), Alex Aguiar (TAT Nationals Champ), Jamie McWilliams (TAT Director), Darryl Smith (Orleans Bowling Manager)

The 2014 TAT Amateur Nationals Champion Alex Aguiar for $20,000




From Left to Right: Corbet Austin (Storm Rep), Darryl Smith, Jay Gneiting, Don Quitangon, Dave Guindon,  Alex Hoskins, Ed Roberts,  and Jamie McWilliams (TAT Manager).

The 2013 TAT Amateur Nationals

February 3rd-9th, 2013

Now with Stricter Eligibility!

Amazing Turnout for TAT Nationals!


February 11th, 2014


Las Vegas, NV- True Amateur Tournaments just wrapped up another terrific week at The Orleans Hotel, Casino and Bowling Center for The 2014 TAT Amateur Nationals.


Congratulations to Alex Aguiar from Dartmouth, Massachusetts for winning the $20,000 first place prize and the 2014 TAT Amateur Nationals Title. As always, one bowler from each division made it to the Top 5 with a shot at $20,000.


For those of you watching at The Orleans or on the livestream on, you witnessed a great show.  Alex was throwing the ball incredible all the way through the finals averaging 273 for 5 games!  Angel Hernandez just couldn’t keep pace with Alex in the final match coming up 15 pins short and landing him second place for $10,000.  Our Senior bowler, Steve Calyore, came in third winning $7,500.  John Daily, our 189 & Under bowler came in fourth for $6,000 and Brian Dennis rounded out the Top 5 taking home $5,000.


This year we had almost 50% more bowlers in our tournament compared to February 2013!  We believe this increase is due to the many positive changes to this year’s TAT.  We have made several changes in the last couple events including changing our 205 & Under division to 215 & Under, which made it the largest division at this year’s TAT Nationals.


The 2014 TAT Amateur Nationals also featured New Seniors and Ladies Handicap Events.  Robert Lewis from Phoenix, Arizona took home the Senior Title and $5,000 for beating John Bertolina in the final match.  The Ladies Champion was Tonya Cuva from Sweden for $3,000 who just edged out Tona Porcayo from Covina,CA.  The Senior Event had 120 entries in just two squads while the women’s event brought 3 times as many women to the TAT then the previous year.  With 2 new events, the Ladies Only & the Seniors Only, plus the increased Finals prize fund and extended Chance prize lists, makes this the largest TAT event in years!


We also had bowlers from 11 different countries!    


This year’s TAT featured over 1,400 prizes and we had more bowlers in our finals then we had in almost ten years! 190 out of over 600 bowlers qualified for this year’s finals and were guaranteed $500 just for qualifying. That means almost 1 out of 3 bowlers qualified for the finals! If they advanced through one game against bowlers on their pair they were rewarded with an extra $300.  If they advanced two games they received an extra $750 ($1250 total), and for winning just three games, bowlers received $2,250 or $2,500.  Our Main Finals on Saturday paid out over $190,000 making the total payout for this year’s TAT almost $250,000! 


I would like to thank everyone that participated in The 2014 TAT Amateur Nationals.  It was one of the best events that we have had in years and we couldn’t have done it without every one that came out and bowled.  I would also like to thank Brad Edelman, the entire Roto-Grip staff, K&K Bowling Services, Stability Socks and The Orleans for hosting the TAT.  Together we made a big step in bringing Megabuck bowling back to Las Vegas. 


And of course, we couldn’t have pulled it off without the amazing hard-working TAT staff!


I hope to see everyone back in Las Vegas for the TAT Summer Classic June 30-July 4th, 2014.





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The 2014 TAT Summer Classic

June 30th—July 4th, 2014







Held At The Orleans in Las Vegas

Presented by Storm